Like all of Central Appalachia, Mingo County, West Virginia along with Pike and Floyd Counties, Kentucky possesses vast coal and natural gas resources, ample water and a robust transportation infrastructure. The TransGas project sites are able to draw on the workforce and the vast coal reserves in Pike, Martin, Letcher, Floyd and Knott Counties in Kentucky, Mingo, Logan, Wyoming and McDowell counties in West Virginia and Buchanan and Wise Counties in Virginia.

The citizens and leadership of these counties and states, as well as those of the entire region have been extremely supportive of the TransGas projects. As a result there are now three permitted TransGas projects under development; Adams Fork Energy, LLC in West Virginia and in Buffalo Creek Energy, LLC and Chisolm Energy LLC in Kentucky.


Operating Coal Gasification Facility

TransGas uses proven Uhde PRENFLO® Coal Gasification technology. The PRENFLO® operation in Puertollano, Spain, is the world's largest solid-fuel-based International Green Construction Code (IGCC) power plant.

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Affiliated Companies


Gas Alternative Systems, Inc

Gas Alternatives Systems, Inc (GAS) was founded in 1981 for fossil and alternative fuels use in cogeneration applications. It spun off certain projects the most noted being an 80 MW electric output / 500,000 lb/hr steam cogeneration facility in Syracuse, NY which operated very successfully for approximately 20 years.

Today, GAS continues to pursue development of special peaking, cogeneration and renewable power projects. GAS has offices and power generation equipment including storage facilities in Syracuse, NY.


TransGas Energy Systems, LLC

This is a rendering of TGE's "state of the art" high technology underground 1100MW power plant which is designed to supply lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and/or Queens enough electric and steam heat to continuously operate under the most extreme natural disasters or terrorist threats. It prevents Blackouts and keeps the electric and steam heat on, subways moving, critical pumping operations (sewer, water flood operations and gas stations) and communications alive and working no matter what the disaster.

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ChemBio Shelter
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