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TransGas aims at strengthening national capacities to deliver better and more modern infrastructure that helps people withstand natural disasters and incentivizes sustained and sustainable economic growth. TransGas provides immediate on-site analysis and undertakes feasibility studies to help determine optimal solutions.

TransGas’ portfolio in crisis management and response includes the following:

Fast response to power outages and recovery of grid voltage:

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Country Focus: The Philippines

TransGas was invited by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to undertake a technical assessment of the damages caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda to support the immediate restoration of electricity to the Filipino people and businesses. Yolanda, the strongest storm ever recorded, affected 16 million people in the Philippines in November 2013. Yolanda was also the strongest typhoon ever recorded in terms of wind speed, which surpassed 300 km/h.

The Super Typhoon caused significant damage to the infrastructure of 44 different provinces, 591 municipalities and 57 cities, representing a cost that will easily surpass US$ 10 billion. Almost 1.2 million houses were either totally of partially damaged, while more than 4 million people were displaced. 1,959 electricity and power facilities were severely damaged. Ongoing power outages affect a total of 234 municipalities.

The TransGas Report

"The Philippines and Super Typhoon Yolanda" is a TransGas report that serves as an advocacy tool for the Filipino local authorities and electrical cooperatives that are in desperate need of donations of equipment and external funding to restore the power infrastructure. The report provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of the damages caused by the Super Typhoon to the infrastructure of the Philippines. TransGas’ technical analysis enabled the identification of the ideal locations for the placement of turbine generator units.

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