American company targets energy business in Criciúma

President of TransGas Development Systems plans investments in the Brazilian coal sector

December 10, 2012 | By Ana Paula Cardoso, EngePlus

The Santa Catarina state's coal industry union (Siecesc) has hosted a visit by Adam Victor, president of TransGas Development Systems, an American company that develops projects in the energy field. The president of the company came to Brazil with the aim of analyzing investment opportunities in the country, with a focus in the coal sector.

The American executives have also met Hon. Senator Luiz Henrique da Silveira from Santa Catarina and with Hon. Federal Representative Paulo Bornhausen, the State Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development. During the visit to Criciúma, the executives visited the headquarters of the coal workers' union (Siecesc) and the Clean Coal Technology University (SATC), and met coal business leaders to discuss the Southern Santa Catarina Thermoelectric Project (Usitesc). They have also discussed business opportunities in the area of coal-to-liquids (gasoline) and fertilizers.

"The visit by the President of TransGas underscores our vision according to which coal projects are important for the production of various products, including electricity, fertilizers, gas, chemicals and so forth. It also shows that international investors believe in Brazil and in our coal industry", explains the President of the Brazilian Coal Association (ABCM), Mr. Fernando Luiz Zancan.

The President of TransGas Development Systems had also meetings with the President of the National Development Bank (BNDES) in Rio de Janeiro and with representatives of the Federal Government in Brasilia.

Source: Siecesc