Converting America's vast coal reserves into ultraclean gasoline.

TransGas and its affiliates have been pioneers in developing clean, reliable and efficient energy in the United States for over a quarter century. TransGas is continuing this tradition to become the nation's leader in Clean Coal to Gasoline (CCTG) helping America achieve energy independence.



An energy entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. Adam Victor.

In 1981, Mr. Adam Victor founded TransGas' affiliate, Gas Alternative Systems, Inc., which developed, financed, constructed, and operated an 80MW cogeneration facility in New York for over two decades. This was the nation's first cogeneration facility to:

  1. Purchase its own 20-year fuel supply
  2. Receive Canadian National Energy Board permission to export Canadian natural gas into the United States at a price below the Toronto City Gate Price
  3. Receive U.S. government EIA approval to Import Canadian Natural Gas into the United States
  4. Build its own dedicated natural gas pipeline lateral to bypass the local LDC and directly interconnect with the national natural gas transmission lines

TransGas Development Systems, LLC is one of Gas Alternative Systems' affiliates founded in 2005. Its initial goal was to supply fuel at a fixed price for one of Gas Alternative's facilities. The company's strategic goals were later modified in 2008 to produce gasoline in and around America's coal reserves. With this aim, TransGas Development assembled a team of industry experts to design coal gasification plants that convert coal into gasoline using a clean and sustainable method.

Mr. Victor serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of TransGas Development Systems, based in New York City. Mr. Victor has over three decades of experience in energy development and commands a long and impressive career in the oil and gas, coal, and mining industries. This longtime resident of the New York metropolitan area, regularly works with corporate and government entities in the United States and abroad.

Upon graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering 1974, Mr. Victor worked in Saudi Arabia as a Drilling Engineer in the Ar’Rub Al”Khali Desert for ARAMCO. In 1976, he returned to the United States to pursue an MBA in International Finance & Strategic Planning from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

After completing his MBA, Mr. Victor started work as a mining engineer in the gold mines of southern Africa with ANGLO AMERICAN and later LONRHO. After the completion of his last assignment he returned to the United States in 1980 and founded Gas Alternative Systems, Inc. through which he consulted and led development on a wide range of power plant projects in New York and California.

Victor has been supervising operations at TransGas Development Systems, LLC, since 2005. He focuses his time and energy on a variety of coal gasification and energy development projects.